How to Broadcast to WpStream with Wirecast

Wirecast is a live video streaming tool developed by Telestream. This application allows users to produce and easily stream professional videos. Wirecast is available for Windows as well as Mac. Wirecast Features Wirecast allows easy, real-time switching between live cameras while simultaneously enable customization with other types of media such as slides, audio, music, and […]

COVID Support – Free Streaming for Churches, Schools and Nonprofits

In these unsettling times, as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is impacting social and spiritual gatherings, and leading to distancing and isolation. We would like to contribute to virtual social gatherings by offering selected communities the opportunity to experience our live-streaming service at no cost. This complimentary service is only applicable for churches (and other faith […]

Codecs & Containers Explained

Codecs, containers and transport explained

Most internet users will at one point or another stumble across codecs and containers, trying to learn the difference between the two. While most people categorize video files by their format, such as MP4 files or AVI files, these are in fact just the formats of the containers. Video Containers A video format container or […]

DJI Drone Live Streaming with WpStream

While aerial photography and live streaming are not relatively new concepts, drone live streaming is relatively an innovation, with plenty of uses and applications. If you’re reading this, you’re perhaps already familiar with drones and how they work. If you don’t already have a drone ready and want to buy one for live streaming, keep […]

Streaming a Graduation Ceremony with WpStream

For most of us, graduation is a time to reflect and cherish the end of a long journey filled with goals, ambitions and plenty of effort to boot. Your graduation ceremony is not just a simple event, it’s in fact a turning point in life, a rite of passage and the very first step in […]

Multi-Camera Live Streaming

These days, live streaming has become affordable, allowing content creators to broadcast different live events to their audiences. Remarkably cheap broadcasting equipment is leading to an overall transformation of the industry – not only media giants can create and broadcast live events but also small website owners or small teams of content creators can carry […]

24/7 Live Streaming – Building a Continuous Live Stream Channel

24/7 Live Streaming – Building a Continuous Live Stream Channel Most of the time when you’re doing a live stream for your video website, the broadcasting session lasts for a couple of hours. Regardless if it’s a sports event you’re streaming or a concert, the session has a beginning and an end. This article will […]

How To Stream To WpStream with XSplit

XSplit is a live streaming and video mixing application initially released in 2012 by SplintmediaLabs. The application quickly gained popularity and became the norm for streaming live gameplays on different video sharing websites. XSplit features include recording, live mixing of videos and seamless switching between video sources. XSplit Uses and Features XSplit comes as two […]

360 Live Streaming with WpStream

360 degree video is becoming more and more accessible and popular among content creators. This increase in popularity is also partly due to the fact that high quality 360 video cameras are more affordable than they used to be. 360 degree video is amazing in itself but when combined with live streaming, it becomes a […]

Video Compression Explained

Most internet users have, at one point, done a live stream on a free platform such as Facebook. But did you ever think how it’s possible to broadcast such high quality video over the internet? Let’s make some calculations – the average 1080p video has a resolution of 1920×1080, at 24 bits each and 30 […]